Entré & Inpasseringssystem

We have the great honor and pleasure of working with some of Sweden’s largest and most intense festival and concert releases. Therefore, our entrance solution is extremely fast, robust and can be scaled down as needed.

If you need to rent or buy entrance equipment, we are happy to help with that too!

BoxPoint Mobile
BoxPoint mobile is our app that, with the help of the mobile camera, works as a ticket scanner. All you need is a mobile or tablet with internet connection. The app is available for both iOS and Android and you can download it for free in the app store. Fast, smooth and wireless!

BoxPoint Desktop
BoxPoint is our cash register system and entry-level solution for PCs that can handle everything from quick and easy entrance sales to more advanced sales functionality such as season tickets, table and restaurant bookings and much more. In BoxPoint, you also have a powerful customer service tab where you can easily manage and support your customers and their bookings.

Turnstiles or other entrance solutions?
Thanks to Tickster’s powerful APIs, we can easily connect our system with other services or products.